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 Farming G20.

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PostSubject: Farming G20.   Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:03 am

Here is how to farm for G20 armour and weapon's.
First, you'll see you need spiritual and Physical badges, those drop in Cave of Sadistic Glee PvP monsters drop alot alot of them so it wont take long.

Next to get the seven star Dragon ball , it's located in the Gshop.

To aquire Platinum Razor's you must do the blood sacrifice quest (Can be repeated after completion) You get 1 platinum razor per quest all you must do is hunt down kathal, cathaldus, lysimachos and airgetlam, they're pretty easy to kill doesn't really take long. The cord's for those 4 bosses are on the guides on this forum. Also in the quest it is known that there is a "Wrong item" in it, that is actually Cathaldus when you kill him wrong item will become 1/1.

And how to get badge of fallen general, all you must do is keep killing the same bosses your killin for platinum razor quest.
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Farming G20.
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