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 Making the server more fun.

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PostSubject: Making the server more fun.   Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:07 am

So...I'm not trying to like bombard you guys with these ideas or anything but just a friendly suggestion of my own selfs opinion. From all the servers I've played and what seems to always be fun and have people stay there, is always balanced pvp and prob most important of all is there is always something to do. pvp can be balanced but when every one has gear, theres nothing left to do but pvp, which is fun don't get me wrong. I'm ready to pvp more then the next guy, its just then its boring and that is where it all stops at. say for instant you plan on making g20, make it farmable, but make it hard. For example, that boss you have outside of west the lvl 200 charnnog would be a great farming boss!, put him in an fb with some other 150 mobs it'd be great. Make it a task recuiring a full sqaud so ppl can play together and have fun, bring his HP down to 50mill, but give him crazy attack power so you would need eps, barbs to take agro, bm and arch for damage dealer plus venos for amp. so then no 1 class alone can tank him...maybe a full vit barb. But itd take it ages before it actually killed it. Have g20 more diverse. Not like g19 where u go into the cave...farm for an hour and some minutes and bam! g19... :/. What I mean by diverse is say for instant you need 5 mats for g20. Put certain mats in diff caves with unique diff bosses and diff mobs caves, and the most important mat would drop from charnnog wich out of all the cave bosses would be the hardest. Give each of those unique bosses a special skill. like...1 boss would have debuff and amp, other would have lower cast and phy, next would have reduce acc, and lower magic deff. while charrnong would have a mix of everything like that world boss Harphy wraith..that boss has every negative effect in the book! and positive. give those to charnnog. Some ppl will QQ but theyll learn to apreciate it, because honestly the people that want things easy are always the ones to leave first after they get bored. if a player put his time and energy into farming gear that took a sqaud and to get after he gets hes not just going to up and leave all that hard work behind, think about it. Have active GMS, throw more events. Whos knows play with the idea...make g19 harder to get...and make it so that ud need g19 to farm g20. Make charrnog bigger, whos knows make charrnong the big boss for last armor mat, and have another big boss for last weapon item. just ideas to think about it, more ppl = more donations and more activity.
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Making the server more fun.
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