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 Donation List

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PostSubject: Donation List   Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:39 am

Below is the list for items for donation to help the server.

Warning : If you donate do not think you are able to do whatever you please and break rules because it will not work, if you break a rule you will be disciplined in the correct judgement for the rule broken.

Donation's are not refundable

Donation's are not allowed to be exchanged for something else so choose wisely and accurately.

Donation's such as re-skin's  are allowed to be moved to newer gears when released, Mail or contact Nicky ingame to request it.

You may suggest other possible donation's to the following Admin's , Fury, GG, and hitman.

After you have completed a Donation you must email me at Nicholas32412@live.com with the amount spent, your in-game character name, and your item's you wish to purchase.

Donation List

25 Cubi - 2E

50 Cubi - 4E

75 Cubi - 6E

100 Cubi - 8E

150Cubi + 50 extra - 10E

300,000 Repuatation - 10E

Current endgame set - 20E (Includes Weapon, Armour's and vitality stone's

Event coin's 8 per 1 E - These are used to create G17 event item's, There is a Helmet, Cape, Ring's , Belt and Necklace, that have greater power then the event boss items and as well any other grade of Jewels (Cape requires 60 coin's, Ring's require 25 coins per, Belt and necklace require 50 coin's and helmet requires 150 coin's)

Fairy Switch 5E - (Includes the skill switch as well)

Armour Stat addon (Two per item -casting and Interval not included) 5E per armour piece

Possible stat's allowed -  +5% hp, +10dex, +10 mag, +10str, +10 vit, +300 evasion, 4% dmg reduced, +400 magical and physical Defence, +3% crit.

Weapon Stat addon (4 per item interval not included cannot add more then 2 skill effect's) 20E

Possible stat's allowed- +20 str, +20 dex, +20 magic, +20 vit  Critical % +8, +7% hp , 12% dmg reduced -2ct (ONLY ONCE ON NIRVANA GLAIVE ONLY this is to help balance out sage -99 base mg). 

Jewels 30E- You may Donate to have 1 or 2 more -6's added to a CV ( Cresent Valley / Lunar Valley ) necklace made from the forges and as well have one extra stat added to it (Not an extra -6 ct)  Ex. you have a -6 you can add 2 more -6s to it, then a 5% hp

Possible stats aloud - +5% hp, +15 str, +15dex, +15 mag, +15 vit, +1350 magical / 20% physical damage reduced (20% for Archer and veno. 15% for Cleric and Barbarian. 10% for mage and Warrior.), +2% critical, +0.30 ms (For belt and necklaces only!)

Holy: Has a chance to recover HP by 5% and remove all debuffs.
Darken: Has a chance to freeze and seal the enemy.
Pierce: Has a chance to decrease opponent's physical defense.
Rip: Has a chance to cause 5000 bleed damage over 15 seconds.
Stupefy: Has a chance to slow target's channeling.
Soul Shatter: Has a chance to dispel target's positive buffs.
Soul Inflict: Has a chance to decrease the opponents maximum HP.
Sacrificial Strike: Has a chance to inflict double damage at the cost of losing 5% HP.

Weapon Re-skin - 4E (Has to be a 1.3.6 skin give the ID of the weapon you want in the email)

Armour Reskin - 1E per piece (Chest/Leg/Boot/Wrist Only, Has to be 1.3.6 skin give ID of the piece's in the same order as this Chest/Leg/Boot/Wrist in email)

If you are unsure of where to get skin ID's www.pwdatabase.com and the ID of the item would be the numbers at the end of the url.

4 socket's on a weapon - 15E
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Donation List
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